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Washington Properties

Millennium by Kendall Yards 1310 W. College Ave. Spokane WA 99201

Millennium Robinwood - 219 W. 9th Ave, Spokane WA 99204

Mosaic Sinto Apartments

506 W. Sinto Spokane WA 99201

528 W. Sinto Spokane WA 99201

1022 W Sinto Spokane WA 99203

1028 W Sinto Spokane WA 99203

Atlantic Aspens Apartments

6010 N. Atlantic Ave Spokane WA 99205

In Development


Millennium Monroe:  89+ units multi family apartments and 30,000 sq ft of commercial space to catalyze the Monroe walking district including Indaba Coffee, Ballard Pizza, and more!

Millennium North Hill / Garland:  in Phase 1, approximately 61 units of multifamily apartments plus mixed use commercial space.  Phase 2 will also be 50+ units of mixed use.  With a vision to catalyze and energize this fantastic walking district.

Mosaic:  collaborating in the North Central neighborhood to bring 9 to 12 units of workforce housing, to add to an existing set of 16 adjacent units.  

Nonprofit Collaboration:  collaborating with several non-profits to bring mixed income and workforce housing to Spokane.  

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