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Latest Projects

A Look at Some of Our Latest Work

Monroe 1 concept.png


Located at the entry to the Monroe walking district, with excellent access to downtown and the North side of Spokane. The City of Spokane. just completed in 2019, a redevelopment effort that changed the Monroe district to a walking district by reducing the street to 2 lanes from 4, widening the sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and adding landscaping.

Garland Concept 1_edited_edited.jpg

Millennium by Kendal Yards

Millennium Northwest constructed this residential building near the Kendal Yards development in Spokane, WA. Things did not go as planned but the development team stepped up, completed the project and provided returns on year one.  3 years later this project is outperforming the budget even with a difficult build process.

Millennium KY concept_edited.jpg

North Hill in Garland

The Garland District is a perfect neighborhood to find good food, good people, and even the right fly for your next fishing adventure.  This building incorporates the districts current architecture while introducing modern living.

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